I'm a Spiritual Alchemist with my own method of connecting a soul with its source awareness – Source Self Connection, an Oracle in clear connection with Source and the primal Divine Feminine energy.

I have left my work and education as a Regression therapist and a Feng Shui consultant behind me. I have learned and practiced QHHT by Dolores Cannon and Feng Shui at the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics. With deep respect and appreciation for the wisdom I have received and that has fulfilled its role in its timeline, I came to understand that this and many other methods do not reach the width that is needed for the work and the frequency shift of this current moment. They have served their purpose in their own time. In this time in the here and now, the energies are shifting with such speed, that those methods of the past cannot keep up with the pace.

My life story may be considered as a bit unconventional. Since I was a kid I have had a curiosity about awarness and a wider perspective of life and this world. I was aware of myself as being different, which was often quite an emotional challenge. 

I've studied Sinology – Chinese language and culture – and landed in Beijing for the first time at the age of 19. The following 12 years I've spent traveling and living between Slovenia, China, Taiwan, Greece and Austria.

For many years I have tried to pursue a business career, but all along there was a feeling, an awareness that that's not what my Source Self had planned for me. I've stubbornly tried to hold on to it, as we humans often do, until my higher aspects stopped me determinately with an illness. That was the moment I finally understood there was another path meant for me. My own path.


In that moment I realized how much we keep our focus on the what is around us and how we function in focus on opinions, emotions, beliefs and needs of others. We point our fingers, look for someone to blame and another to save us in our surrounding -  outside of us. This keeps us in a state of disappointment and unhappiness. We do not see, we do not feel and we do not respect ourselves. In this state we create pain, fear and move further away from our true being, which results in a painful life experience and relationships with ourselves and others.


This kind of emotions develop inevitably into physical illnesses with time. To see and remember our true Self, we need to shift our focus into ourselves, set clear goals for ourselves in complete absence of pleasing those around us.


As I accepted these insights and knowing I have started my own path of discovering myself and living my source soul agreement fort his physical life.


In my core I am a spiritual alchemist, an Oracle with the gift of retrocognicense or insight into other people's parallel life experiences and the access to the multidimensional Soul records. My work is to bring back and anchor peoples memory of who they truly are, to support them in expanding their perspective beyond beliefs and fears, to shift their awarness by translating and anchoring their source knowing into this space and time.


This knowing and wisdom has been mine through many past/parallel lifetimes and my non-physical existence. I work with my source aspects and different groups of collective consciousness on the non-physical level. The intention of my work is the expansion of selfawarness and the frequency of the Human Collective supporting the Earth’s evolution of consciousness.

With all my love, respect and appreciation to all of you, who are following my work, aho are cocreating and reshaping this life experiance on the physical and he non-physical level.

With honor, love and respect,

Tina Dubrovnik

Tina Dubrovnik

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