•   What is my life purpose?

  • Why am I constantly repeating same situations?

  • How can I overcome fear?

  • How can I improve the realtionships with loved ones?

  • Why did I get sick?​

  • Who are my higher aspects and my soul guides?

  • How can I improve my intuition and the comunication with my Source Self?

  • What have I experianced in my other physical lives?

What to expect from a session

Every session is a unique experiance. After a conversation you will be guided into an altered state of awarness, similar to deep meditation. In this state your consciousness is capable of receiving information from your Source consciousenss, your primal state of awarness, where all your different physical lives experiances are stored and where you can access your source knowing as well as your purpose that you have choosen for your curent life experiance. 

All that matters is right here and now. You can create your every moment by your own choosing. A shift and change happenes in the moment, when you become aware of your true self, when you discover your beliefs, which you have picked up on your path and are not in tune with who you are. It's those beliefs that keep you blindfolded and prevent you from respecting and seeing yourslef.

To start respecting yourself is a necessery step, that will change your life irreversably. As you do, you will put up uncomrpomised boundaries of your own personal space and begin creating a reality, that is worthy of you. But it is as allways a matter of choice.

Through out the session you will encounter yourself in your source form of existance and experiance uncompromised compasion and respect towards yourself. If it serves your higher good, your source Self will take you through your other physical lives (past lives), with the intent to help you understand yourself better and to clearly see your beliefs, which you have been carrying with you and will be guided to releise them.

Offen in a session clients also encounter their soul guides or source consciousnesses, who are supporting and you in your physical reality, whitout you being aware of them. If it serves the purpose, you may encounter primal source collectives, who are working with and through you and cocreating this reality we are ecperiancing in the now. You may learn of your galactic origin and of the role you've agreed to play in the shifting of the human collective program.

You always receive information and knowing, that was mant for you in the given moment. No more and no less.

A session lasts for app. 3,5 hours. After our conversation, I will guide you into an altered state. This experiance lasts about 1,5 - 2 hours by earthly perception. You should know that while in the state, you will percieve time differently, it will feel like a few minutes to you.

How to prepeare for your session

There is basicaly no preparation needed. As soon as a clear intent is set and your session is scheduled, the process of shifting your awarness alredy begins. Many clients notice life changes or experiance interesting situations before their session. 

In case you already practice meditation, you can, while in meditation, set your intention to be supported and to recieve clear knowing during your session.

Prepeare a list of questions you wish to receive answers to and bring it to your session.

For a better experiance:

- your meal before the session should be light,

- drink enough watter to keep you hydrated in the days before your session,

- schedule your session on a day you don't have a lot of obligations and can take some time off for yourself. 

- wear comfortable clothes and bring along curiosity, an open mind and leave any expectations behind. You will receive what you need in the given moment, which is not necessarely what you think it should be.

In case you use any kind of psychoactive medication, please let me know before scheduling your session.

Sessions can be scheduled in person or Online via Skype or Zoom.


Duration: 2,5 - 3 hours

Energy exchange: 222,00 €

To schedule a session or for more information write to soraja.svet@gmail.com or call 00386 70 899 682.  


Connect with your primal multidimensional self and your higher aspects

You are looking for something more, a purpose, a higher truth...

A story, to recognize yourself in...

A theory, that would give an excuse to your present situation, which you are not satisfied with, therefore you're looking for something more.

And often you find yourself in a story, a theory, you find people, offering you instant solutions.

I know of instant noodles and they give you about the same satisfaction as those solutions...short lived, half way and not of much value.


With all this searching you are forgetting yourself. You do not see yourself, beneath all the masks and frames, which you push yourself into, just to be seen, not realizing, that they are the ones keeping you in hiding.


Source Self Connection is meant to help you see yourself clearly, behind all these fames and masks and beneath all those layers of expectations you've covered yourself with.


Your Source Self speaks, when you allow it. You can hear it in a state of altered consciousness under my guidance, supported by my Source frequency. The choice to listen, is your own.


In connection with Yourself and your Higher Aspect you have the opportunity to have a clear view of the masks you wear. Hiding beneath them are fears, not many, but they are anchored so deep, that you don't notice them yourself. They dictate your life your choices, work, reactions to situations through emotions, which create your thoughts. Your thoughts and focus is what you create your reality with.


The purpose of a Source Self Connection session is a clear view of your focus you have in life. What you receive is the knowing, that the choice of focus is your own and with it the power to create a new reality.


For a deeper understanding of your Source existence you may receive an insight into your parallel physical lives, experiences in other time and space frames.


You meet face to face with yourself and the wider Aspects of you or Guides, if that is what you choose to call them. When they come through, the message is always given in the vibration of uncompromised support to shift your consciousness and vibration in this reality.

Source Self Connection is not an instant solution. It guides you to the doorway you are meant to step through. The step is yours to take.

You are unconditionally supported. If you choose, you may sit down in front of them. But there is no way back. The experience will change you irreversibly.

Other sessions

Beyond QHHT

method by Dolores Cannon

Duration: 2,5 - 3 h

Energy exchange: 222,00 €

Avaliable ON-LINE or IN PERSON

Meeting with Guides and Source Aspects

Duration: 1,5 h

Energy exchange: 144,00 €

Group session: 45,00 €/os.

Avaliable ON-LINE or IN PERSON

Experiancing your parallel lives (Past life regression)

Duration: 1,5 h

Energy exchange: 144,00 €

Group session: 45,00 €/os.

Avaliable ON-LINE or IN PERSON


It all started, when my fears got so intense, I didn't know how to move on and was unable to function properly in my every day life. I was affraid of everything!

I considered various options to find a solution out of this situation and in the moment when I thought of Tina and her techinques I intuitively knew it was the right choice of method to solve my problem.​​

After our conversation in the interview part of the Source Self Connection session I already felt different, better,...and the session itself....well, in my oppinion, everyone should experiance it!


I experianced two past lifes, which helped me recognise the source of my fears. I could finnaly understand them, except them and let go of them. My favourit and the most interesting part was the meeting with my Soul Guide, a real joker. Now, after the session, I can connect to my guide at any time and receive answers from him...well mostly, sometimes I feel, he pretends not te hear me...haha... 


I must say I have never experianced anything like this before! I met a part of me I was hiding from myself. I came to the awarness why some things happen and some don't. I received confirmation for things I already knew, but wouldn't admit or accept before this experiance.

My life shifted for a whole 180°. My fears are gone and I can finnaly breathe and function again ( now I even dare to walk arround the house in the dark and go outside, I must admit it's amzaing!). 


Tina, I want to thank you again for this wounderfull excperiance and I do belive we'll journey through more as soon as I process the first one. "



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Your Mind is the Instrument for tuning into your Source Frequency. 


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