My visions and insights translated into art

I always wanted to show others, what I am allowed to see beyond what is perceived as this reality…


The insights and visions I'm receiving are breathtaking and amazing. There is no earthly tool, that could interpret them. But I have chosen to be daring and translate them into paintings.

These paintings carry frequencies, keys and symbols, which trigger processes in the observer. They activate thought patters, that guide you into a new experience, that would never have come into existence, if you would not have seen the painting.

I send them out into this reality with love, honor and respect for the frequencies they carry and to all who are meant to be touched by them.

Some of them are still avaliable and waiting for the Soul that will hear their call. Send your inquiry to:


SORAJA, Tina Dubrovnik s.p.,

Ul. Pariške komune 19

SI-2000 Maribor

Your Mind is the Instrument for tuning into your Source Frequency. 


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