Activating the memory of Yourself

The source Soul Key unlocks the door to the knowing of your Source consciousness.

You all have the access tou your source knowing. You stand infront of the door and don't know how to step through, because you don't remember, who you are in your essence.

Soul Key holds the frequency which activates a shift in your consciousness, a shift beyond fears and negative believes.

It oppens the door to yourself, to your mutlidymensional exitence and wisdom, which is ment for you to receive in the given moment.

It shifts you from the space you got stuck in. It works in determination and uncomrpomised compasion, yet the step is still yours to make.

The light symbols are a universal language of the Source Consciousenss. They exist beyond time and space, through all the multidimensional levels of your existance.

Through my personal connection to the Source Consciousness I hold the ability to translate nad anchor the Soul Keys into the Earth's reality. They are part of every soul's blueprint.


Their activation holds the purpes of helping you to remember who you are, to remember your source essence beneath all those layers of masks and illusion you have put onto yourself. 

SOUL KEY - Drawing

A drawing of your Soul Key on paper or in .pdf format.

Size: A4 paper

Price: 77,00 €

SOUL KEY - Canvas

A canvas painting of your Soul Key. 

Size 15 x 15 cm

Price: 99,00 €

Size 50 x 50 cm

Price: 222,00 €

More dimensions are avaliable, contact me for further information.

SOUL KEY - Henna

Natral Henna Body Art. You can choose a design in which your Soul Key is incorporated. 

To find out more about my Henna Art click here

Price: 45,00 € - 30 min

         77,00 € - 60 min

With your Soul Key, you will receive a written channelled message from your Source Self or your Soul Guides.


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Your Mind is the Instrument for tuning into your Source Frequency. 


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