You are here to remember WHO YOU ARE.

I've accepted my part as an Oracle and an Energy Alchemist anchoring the Source knowing into this reality.

I don't give much worth to titles. I don't perceive them as something that defines you, but more as a loose description allowing others to have an idea of what it is you do.​

You are here to receive support in your process of exceeding beliefs, memories and fears you have taken as your own on your path through this or other parallel lives, blinding you from seeing who you truly are. This distorted view of yourself is preventing you from expanding your consciousness and from experiencing your life in the here and now.

I work with those, who are discovering that life is much more than what you've been taught to believe as well as with those of you, who are walking your path of extended awarness, who already support others with your gifts, yet need the support to clear up your view, that has been distorted by working in the human program.

I carry the frequency of Source Collective Consciousness and Aspects beyond the frames of the Human Collective program.

You are not here by coincidence.

You will receive what was intended for you to be received.

To accept it is your choice.

Tina Dubrovnik

Ainu te Ainu, te Tama Ainu


SORAJA, Tina Dubrovnik s.p.,

Ul. Pariške komune 19

SI-2000 Maribor

Your Mind is the Instrument for tuning into your Source Frequency. 


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